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Here’s How You Can Save On Car Rentals

by pps-DUEditor

If you only need a car for a few days every month or every time you decide to go road-tripping, a rental car might be all you need. Here are our top 7 tips to save money when renting a car. 

  • Check if the rental car agency has a loyalty rewards program: If you rent cars frequently, you may want to sign up for the rental car agency’s loyalty rewards program. Most times, it’s free and comes with a lot of perks. 
  • Look for coupons: It’s a good idea to look for coupons online that can help you save money when paying at the rental car agency’s coupons. You may even be able to combine certain codes and double the discount.
  • Pay with your credit card: Most credit cards offer rewards or complimentary rental car insurance, provided you use your card to pay for the rental car. So, rather than paying by cash or a debit card, use your rental-car-friendly credit card to make payments. 
  • Inquire about discounts: Don’t hesitate to ask the rental car agency if they offer any discounts. Most agencies offer discounts if you are a senior, a veteran, or a member of the AAA. 
  • Check prices online: A number of online aggregator websites allow you to compare the prices for different rental cars, thus helping you choose a rental car that’s cost-effective. 
  • Prepay for your card: Did you know that many rental car companies offer discounts of up to 20% when you prepay for the card? If you did this each time you rented a car, your savings would certainly add up!
  • Don’t rent at the airport: If you are flying into a certain destination, it can certainly be easy to pick up a rental car right from the airport. However, you should know that rental car kiosks at airports charge you about 10% to 30% more just for the convenience. You could save a lot of money on a rental car by taking public transit or a taxi into town and getting a rental car from a company there. 

In addition to the tips mentioned above, make sure to read the fine print so you are aware of the all-inclusive price and penalties, if any, before you sign up for the car. 

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