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4 Questions To Ask Before You Go Job Hunting

by pps-DUEditor

Many people take up jobs they don’t love, solely to make ends meet and then struggle with job dissatisfaction. However, this does not have to be your destiny. So, how can you land the job of your dreams? Ask yourself these four important questions before you go job hunting, and you’re sorted.

What Is the Biggest Problem on This Planet that You’d Solve if You Could?

Some people may think of curing cancer as their goal, while others may want to end violence. On the other hand, some people also have smaller goals, such as finding ways for their local businesses to share their stories online or ensuring everyone has better access to organic vegetables. Once you figure this out, you’ll know that your job will have to align with this purpose, i.e., your work will be meaningful.

What Gets You Really Engrossed?

Ever had moments where you were 100% into the zone — where you’ve been so engrossed in a project that time appears to stand still? When such an occasion arises, there is no room for monotony at work. To put it simply, working feels good. Think about what job can give you the kind of rhythm that makes you so interested that you can’t get out of it.

What’s an Area You Want to Get Better At?

It’s essential to think of an area that you want to grow or excel in, professionally speaking. When you find something you love and grow with it, you find satisfaction in your work. You can push your limits and achieve a sense of accomplishment. So think about what will help you reach the best version of yourself.

What Would You Spend Your Day Doing After You Won the Lottery?

Several people are obsessed with winning the lottery. Some people dream of moving to Florida and living by the beach, while others dream of opening and running a burger joint. But if you think about it, these goals are jobs that people are already doing. So, ask yourself how you can achieve that dream without having to win the lottery.

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