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8 Essential Sales Management Software Features

by pps-DUEditor

With customers requiring increased personalization at every stage of the sales process, Sales Management Software solutions offer valuable tools for sales teams to automate their data collection, allowing them to focus their sales targets. This includes recording day-to-day activities and keeping a track of their customers, prospects, and pipelines. Additionally, the data collected can be analyzed to create more accurate forecasts, allowing your company to improve sales, increase revenue and accelerate its growth.

Here are 8 essential sales management software features to keep an eye out for:

Lead Management

This involves assigning, generating, capturing, and nurturing leads up to the point of conversion.

Contact Management

This is required to create and maintain a database of the leads generated with important data including the contact details, activity tracking, and contact history for future sales campaigns.

Opportunity Management

This is an important feature and is useful for sales reps to track potential sales opportunities. It involves key sub-features such as goal setting and tracking, order management, pipeline management, and quote management.

Productivity and Time Management

This allows sales reps to improve the efficiency of their daily work schedule allowing them to manage their calendars and to set up meetings and tasks, along with collaborative tools for optimizing workflows within the organization.


This feature provides an in-depth analysis of the sales data generated for sales reps as well as executives to optimize the sales process. It includes sub-features such as campaign analysis, data filtering, data visualizations, real-time reports, sales forecasting, and pipeline reports. It can be used to create comprehensive visualizations using graphs and charts to get the most information out of sales data.


Having the ability to integrate with third-party software and APIs is especially important to be able to create a single platform for your team to work together on. This includes email, CRM, accounting, marketing, social media, and mobile integrations. This feature can be used to narrow down the software options that work best for your team and enhance your existing workflows.


This feature is crucial when it comes to managing your company’s confidential sales data. It includes access control, role-based permissions, and single sign-in options.

Additional Features

A few additional features to look out for include email templates, chat options, or gamification, and can be used to help you narrow down your options.

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