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Starting A New Job? READ THIS!

by pps-DUEditor

Beginning a new job can be anxiety-inducing when you don’t know what to expect. Companies should ideally have a strong onboarding process in place, but sometimes they don’t. Fortunately, there are some foolproof ways of ensuring success in the first week of starting a new job, and we’re here to share those tips with you.

Research Thoroughly

So, you’ve accepted a job offer and have a break before you join your new workplace? Before starting, we recommend doing as much research about the organization as possible. Try checking out their social media profile to get the hang of the office culture and appropriate attire. According to your designation, it may also be beneficial to look up your company’s competitors and get a hang of any software tools you may need for doing your job. You can also check out who you will be working with.

Reach Out To Your Manager

It is critical that you contact your manager because they were the reason you were asked to join, after all. You can ask your manager questions pertaining to how people dress at work or if there’s anything specific you need to know during your first week. If you show them that you are proactive and prepared, they will have an excellent first impression of you.

Be Sure Of Your Schedule

Don’t make assumptions regarding your lunch break hours or what time you’ve got to show up at work. Avoid such a mishap by inquiring about routines and schedules well in advance. You can also ask about what time does everyone at the office typically leave.

Do A Test Run Of Your Work Routine

Test your commute if you’ll be working on-site. If you are working remotely, then prior to your joining date, test your computer, software, internet connection, and other equipment you may need for your work. When you have everything working smoothly for you, you can be in a relaxed state ahead of your first day.

Find A Work Buddy

Usually, workplaces set up new joiners with an onboarding mentor or buddy. But in case your workplace doesn’t have such a policy, find your buddy. You can identify your co-workers beforehand through an Internet search.

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