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A Guide To Understanding SUVs And Sedans

by pps-DUEditor

Both SUVs and sedans are very popular. Sedans have always been popular because that’s the body type that springs to mind whenever anyone says car. But SUVs have become popular thanks to their size, power, practicality, and the range of options that have now become available. And now crossovers have made the ‘SUVs’ very comfortable and significantly more efficient than ever before.


They can’t be beaten on space. Whether you need more passenger room or need to carry extra cargo, an SUV will have the space you need. Passengers can also stretch out and relax on long drives, and the SUVs powerful engines make mile-munching that much more easy. Since SUVs also have four-wheel drive, they’re extremely useful in bad weather, on bad roads, and off-road. Their high ground clearance, upright stance, and large glasshouse offers drivers a commanding view and greater visibility too.


Sedans have their advantages too. They’re generally safer than SUVs, but now some SUVs are getting similar safety features too. Sedans are the only car type with a separate lockable trunk that allows valuables to be stored safely out of sight. Sedans still offer much better fuel economy than SUVs. That’s because most of them are powered by turbocharged four-cylinder engines that are more efficient than the V6s or V8s that power SUVs.

Even sedans with powerful engines are more economical because the cars themselves are much lighter. Sedans are also much easier to drive and park than SUVs because they’re smaller and have a low center of gravity. As compared to SUVs, you’ll save a lot of money on a sedan. They’re less expensive to buy and maintain as compared to SUVs.


These combine the elements of sedans and SUVs. They tend to be better to drive than SUVs but have more interior space than equivalent sedans. Many also offer three rows of seats. Some  have AWD that gives them all-weather capabilities.

They also have the high ground clearance of SUVs and provide greater visibility from a commanding driving position. They are more efficient than SUVs but not as efficient as sedans. Crossovers also offer excellent levels of ride quality, safety, and practicality, thus combining the best of SUVs and sedans.

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