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A Guide To Help You Find The Right Car

by pps-DUEditor

These Are the Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Head out To Buy a Car.

How Many People Will You Carry?

Most cars can transport five people. If you need to seat more people, consider a minivan or a three-row SUV. Check if the third row can accommodate adults or only children. Remember that when all three rows are occupied, cargo space is limited. If you’re considering a two-door car, think about how often the rear seat will be used and whether the passengers will be able to get in and out easily.

How Much Cargo Space Do You Need?

If you enjoy outdoor activities or regularly need to haul things, an SUV, minivan, or wagon would be a good choice. A pickup truck is very useful for those who need to haul or tow heavy loads. Trucks with four-door crew cabs are extremely popular because they balance passenger space with real utility even though their beds are shorter. If you need a proper work truck, choose one with a bigger bed.

Automatic Or Manual?

Most cars today are only sold with an automatic transmission. Some provide a manual-shift mode that allows you to shift gears without a clutch. Manual mode is also useful when you’re driving downhill as it provides more control with engine braking. Some cars are much more fun to drive thanks to a manual transmission. But these can be painful in stop-and-go traffic. And the six-, seven-, and eight-speed manual transmissions available today often provide similar or even better levels of fuel economy than a manual transmission.

What’s Your Driving Style?

If you’re a driving enthusiast, you’ll need a car that’s responsive and has a fast-revving engine. If you just need one for a work commute, you want something comfortable and feature-packed. If you prefer off-road adventures, you need something with four-wheel drive.

Power Or Fuel Economy? Or Both?

Vehicles today usually have a number of engine and transmission options. Turbocharging has also become common to boost the power and efficiency of smaller engines. Hybrids are now common too. Choose one based on your use case.

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