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Tips To Follow When Buying A Used Truck

by pps-DUEditor

Shopping for a used pickup truck is not the same as shopping for an SUV or sedan. For one, you’ve got to take into consideration all the uses you have for it and choose a model accordingly. But, then, you also have to pick one that has the right engine, color, trim, and price! Given the number of options available, buying the right used truck can quickly become difficult. So, to make your time truck shopping a little easier, we’ve listed a few tips that can help you out. 

Be prepared for a higher price: Trucks cost more than cars. So, if you’ve only bought cars in the past, be prepared to shell out more when buying a used truck. Before you start looking at options, make sure to check your budget and decide how much you can spend.

Review the service records: One of the easiest ways to know whether a truck has been maintained well by its current owner is by checking the service record or logbook of the vehicle. Make sure to check whether the oil and filter have been changed from time to time and whether everything the seller claims is as. 

Check for warranties: You should check whether the smog system and drivetrain are still covered under warranty since replacing these components could cost quite a lot. If you buy a used truck from a dealership, you will likely have the benefit of being extended a limited-time warranty by the dealer. 

Take it on a test drive: As you would when buying a car, it’s important to take the truck on a test drive before you buy it. Make sure to accelerate hard and drive for at least 20 minutes. By this time, you’ll likely be able to tell whether the truck wanders, if the brakes are strong, and whether it accelerates like it should, among other things. Make sure to pay attention to these things when you take the truck on a test drive. 

Check for leaks: Once you’ve taken the truck on a test drive, make sure to crawl underneath and look for signs of leakage. Leaks could indicate a serious issue with the water pump, front main seal, or a failing gasket, and these aren’t things you should have to deal with when buying a used truck. 

If the truck clears these tests and is being offered at a good price, you may want to close on the deal. 

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