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How To Boost Your Productivity While You Work From Home

by pps-DUEditor

Set A Schedule

It’s the best way to separate the realms of work and leisure. If you do not manage your time properly, you will lose out on productivity and will not be able to enjoy any leisure time either. Most of us are creatures of habit, and we crave the simplicity of routine. Also, plan little breaks in the workday. Step away from the area you’ve set for work during those breaks. Groups tasks in batches and, at the end of the day, set the next day’s schedule.

Take Breaks

Everyone has a different working style and different things that refresh them. If you like taking frequent breaks, you could spend some time walking or playing with your dog. Some work-from-home bloggers work in 25-minute sets followed by 15-minute breaks. Some prefer 45-minute segments with 15-minute breaks. These breaks allow you to be super-focused and productive on your task when you’re working.

Keep Distractions Away

Whenever you step away from your work for a break, a good idea would be to set an alarm that reminds you when the break is over. You could also save time by turning off the app notifications on your phone and setting the screen to grayscale. Meetings can be distracting too. A good idea is to get work done in the morning and schedule all your virtual meetings after lunch.

Healthy Habits

All gyms are closed, and it looks like they’ll stay closed for some time to come. So, the smart thing to do is work as far away from your fridge as possible. Take an hour out of your day to ensure that you get some exercise as well, especially now that travel time to and from the gym isn’t a concern. Spend some time unwinding from the stresses of the day. And stay hydrated.

Set A Desk

Keep a clear desk where you can work. It’s much easier to concentrate and get into work mode when you’re in a specific zone that’s clutter-free. Get a real office chair if possible, too, because regular home chairs can cause back pain. Options exist for every budget, and you’ll be pain-free too.