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Buying A Truck? This Is What You Need To Know

by pps-DUEditor

Check out these seven points to help with your truck buying decision. 

Price: Trucks today offer the same comforts as cars. But they come equipped for serious work. These utility features make trucks significantly more expensive than cars. The basic models start at $20,000, but fully loaded options go over $60,000. As trucks are used for heavy-duty tasks, they also require more maintenance and cost more to insure. 

Use: Understand how the truck will be used before buying it. If it’s for personal use and you don’t plan on hauling heavy things, a mid-size truck could serve your needs. They’re also easier to handle while being more than enough to handle any rugged tasks.

Duty: The weight of the items you tow or haul with your truck decide whether you need a light-, medium-, or heavy-duty truck. Don’t buy a bigger truck than required. You’ll waste a lot of money on it. Full-size trucks come with a 1500 (or F-150 for Fords) label on them. Heavy-duty trucks usually have numbers like 2500, 3500, etc. Light-duty trucks have 3500 or 350 labeled on them.

Engine: Today, trucks have V6 engines that develop more power than old V8s while being more fuel-efficient. So look for an engine that effectively balances power and fuel-efficiency. It’s great to live with and will get great resale value too.

Bed and Cab Size: Choose a cab depending on the number of passengers you need to carry. The larger the cab, the shorter the truck’s bed will be. But, if either is larger than necessary, handling the truck will become a problem. So understand how it will be used most of the time.

Trim, Options, and Packages: Do your research before you step into a dealership. List down all the features that are important to you and essential to your daily drive. Accordingly, choose a package that best fits what you need from the truck.

Fees and Regulations:  Certain states only allow trucks to be classified as commercial vehicles even if they’re bought for personal use. This means that trucks will cost more in those states because buyers will have to pay additional fees on them.

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